Península Valdés

Puerto Madryn

Duración: Día Entero
Salida: 07:30
Regreso: 18:00

AR$ 5500 x Pax

Operabilidad: Todo el año

Observations: An entrance fee is paid to the reservation. Available all year. The excursion is organized according to the climatic conditions and time of the year. Whale season: from June to mid December

We depart early to the north to visit the Natural Protected Area of ​​Península Valdés, among its main points to visit, we are in first place with the interpretation center, Istmo Ameghino, located at the entrance of the reserve. From there we will have the possibility to observe both gulfs at the same time; And from its viewpoint we will have a first notion of the geographical features of the peninsula, its coastal accidents and the island of the Birds.

Following trip, distant to 100 kms. Of Puerto Madryn, we find the tourist village of Puerto Pirámide. From this natural harbor we can optionally do whale watching on specially prepared boats. During the time when there are no whales, that is, the summer, there is a sighting of marine fauna to see sea lions, various seabirds, and occasionally Dark dolphins.

Continuing the tour, you will visit Caleta Valdés, an inn of elephants and sea lions located at the eastern end of the peninsula. It has a hostel, restrooms, and footpaths to the coast. Located at this point, facing the sea, we will experience the sensations of grandeur and beauty that represent the open ocean and its surroundings.

Then, depending on the time of year and the distribution of coastal fauna, you can continue to Punta Norte, a sea lions farm located in the northeast end. A place recognized for its particularly rugged coastlines and of course the possibility of seeing marauding or attacks by killer whales, who generally “patrol” the area in search of new prey.

Otherwise, this last stop is supplanted by Punta Delgada, an elephant seal station, located in the extreme southeast. It has a very special view, accompanied by a lighthouse and the facilities of the estancia, being formerly part of a naval settlement.

Finally in the afternoon we will return to the hotel after traveling over 400km, half of gravel and half asphalt, having an intense and pleasant day.

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