Rafting to the Chilean Border


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We pick up the passengers at their downtown hotel and head down Route 40 up to the south edge of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. After bordering the Manso River, we arrive at John’s Ranch. We then have a cup of coffee on, put on our wetsuits and booties, and after the safety talk by the head-guide, we are ready to descend the final section of the Manso River in Argentina. In the first part, the quietness of the river allows us to appreciate the environment, enjoy the white sand beaches and watch the waterfalls that splash into the river.

Then, the Manso gets more impetuous. On our raft, we will run exciting rapids through narrow canyons surrounded by lush vegetation: El cajón de terciopelo (Velvet Box), Agujero de ozono (Ozone Hole), Gritá y doblá a la izquierda (Screaming Turn Left), Tobogancito (Little Toboggan), Garganta profunda (Deep Gorge), Éxtasis (Ecstasy), Huevo revuelto (Scrambled Egg), Colmillo (Eye Tooth) and Internacional (International). On our way along the Andes Range, we are accompanied by deep gorges. Our trip ends when we get to the Chilean border. The border marker crowns the place. We load our equipment and we start our way back to John’s ranch along the road that goes along an old muleteers’ path. On our way, we will border streams and cross creeks. When we arrive at John’s ranch, we will be surprised not only by the warm hospitality of the family, but also by the unequalled beauty of this typical Patagonian ranch. More than sixty years of work are reflected in the picturesque house, the warehouses, and their beautiful garden with flowers and trees, all of this surrounded by an impressive view of Mt. Bastión. We will have time to enjoy a delightful Patagonian asado (grilled meat). Then, we return to Bariloche, arriving at the hotel at around 7 p.m.

Guide: Rafting Guide

Foods: Mid morning coffee


Transport: Transfer from downtown hotels

Others: support kayak, river equipment (waterproof jacket, suit and neoprene boots)

Not included: Lunch not included


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